Endowment Program

The “Forever” Gift

 Recognizing the need is the first step to fulfilling the need.  Not many of us can even consider donating the sum that is required to meet our minimum need.  But collectively, as the supportive group of people we have exhibited ourselves to be, we can get this done.

On August 6, 2015 we funded an endowment, “The Cragmont Golf Scholarship Endowment”, from previous tournament profits with an opening amount of $5,000 (THANK YOU!!).  We simultaneously added an additional $5,000 to the endowment as the result of a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous.  We have since received an additional $2,000 for the endowment from two separate donors.  It is with a great deal of honor that we received $1,550 in memory of Richie Creech from several donors.  These deposits will allow us to assist 3 qualifying young people with the cost of a week of camp at the level that we have supported since 2012.  One of the young people will receive “The Cragmont Golf Scholarship” while one young person will receive a scholarship named for the individual who made the $5,000 contribution.  The remaining funds will not quite provide the amount of support that we have traditionally provided, but it will be a lot of help.

 The use of the word scholarship is literal to the qualifying process for the young people.  In order to receive a scholarship a young person must complete a prescribed course of Bible study satisfactory to the management of Cragmont Assembly.  Please know that this program is not designed as a “giveaway” plan; it requires work and effort.

 The required minimum contribution to perpetually support a young person is $5,000.  That may not be doable for you, but it may be doable for your team, your church, your civic group, or your family.

 Maybe you need to have your money available for income.  In that case we can discuss a Charitable Gift Annuity that will provide you with income for your life with the residual amount, at your death, being invested into the endowment.  In this case we will name scholarships based upon the amount received from the Charitable Gift Annuity.

 There certainly exists a wide range of methods to achieve our goals.  We have adopted the endowment as our vehicle to assure your good work and intentions will continue.