Eagle Awards

Eagle Award is a designation given to youth who have completed a two stage process that leads to the successful earning of a full scholarship for one week of summer camp of their choice at Cragmont.  Each young person who earned the Eagle Award  has volunteered their time to work in “The Cragmont” and has additionally successfully accomplished a Bible study project.

We congratulate the young people who successfully completed this project and give them a great big THANK YOU for helping Cragmont and representing the Kingdom of God in a positive manner.

2013 Eagle Award Recipients

Sydney Batchelor, Aaron Jones, Nick Joyner, Chelsea Mattox, Sara Pierce, Joseph Wells

2014 Eagle Award Recipients

Harrison Batchelor, Sydney Batchelor (2), Chelsea Mattox (2), Noah Pierce, Sara Pierce (2), Alana Tyson

2015 Eagle Award Recipients

Grant Barnes, Trey Barnes, Will Barnes, Harrison Batchelor (2), Sydney Batchelor (3), Allyson Evans, Miranda Evans, Olivia Gachuz, Jonathan Girard, Tanner Jernigan, Hailey Nichols, Noah Pierce (2), Sara Pierce (3), Elizabeth Pridgen, Kathryn Willoughby

 2016 Eagle Award Recipients

Grant Barnes (2), Hunter Barnes, Ryne Barnes, Trey Barnes (2), Will Barnes (2), Harrison Batchelor (3), Sydney Batchelor (4), Allyson Evans (2), Miranda Evans (2), Alicia Gachuz, Olivia Gachuz (2), Jonathan Girard (2), Tanner Jernigan (2), Hailey Nichols (2), Elizabeth Pridgen (2), Noah Wilkins

 2017 Eagle Award Recipients

Grant Barnes (3), Trey Barnes (3), Harrison Batchelor (4), Sydney Batchelor (5), Miranda Evans (3), Alicia Gachuz (2), Olivia Gachuz (3), Austin Holland , Tanner Jernigan (3), Bailey Kirby, A. J. Kovach, Ali Parbst, Rebecca Pierce, Elizabeth Pridgen (3), Noah Wilkins (2)