Birdie Awards

“Birdie” is the golf term used to signify excellence of play.

“Birdie” means that one has accomplished a task that exceeds the normal.

Birdie Award is a designation given to youth who have completed a Bible study project that leads to the successful earning of more than half the cost of one week of summer camp of their choice at Cragmont.  Each young person who earned the Birdie Award  has dedicated much time to the study of scripture to successfully accomplish the prescribed Bible study project.

We congratulate the young people who successfully completed this project and give them a great big THANK YOU for representing the Kingdom of God in a positive manner.

2014 Birdie Award Recipients

Ryne Barnes, Abby Darak, Jonathan Girard, Ali Parbst

2015 Birdie Award Recipients

Ryne Barnes (2), Jason Craft, Katelyn Bass, Tazia Dillahunt, Tori Dillahunt, Alicia Gachuz, Anna Girard, Kyleigh Goehring, Mikala Goehring, John Hale, Kayla Hardee, Marshall Jenkins, Naomi Jenkins, Elizabeth Lowery, Stephanie Olvera,  Ali Parbst (2), James Staton, Sarah Staton

2016 Birdie Award Recipients

Ryne Barnes (3), Jason Craft (2), Connor Ferguson, Loreli Ferguson, Christian Gachuz, Austin Holland, Josh Kennedy, Ryan Kennedy, Carson Lackey, Faydra Lackey,  Ali Parbst (3), Rebekah Pierce

2017 Birdie Award Recipients

Christian Gachuz (2), Tory Ebron, Will Hamby, Eden Hancock, Nathaniel Holtz, Jacob Jones, Elijah Ludwick, Sofia Sprague, Kyle Williams, Megan Williams