About Us

“The Cragmont” was first played on October 3, 1980 and hosted 26 players.  The tournament grew quickly and in 1984, our fifth year, we hosted 190 golfers.  On our tenth year we hosted 360 golfers and had moved to a two-day, four tee time format.  We are pleased to attract approximately 85 teams each year.

Our focus of tournament play has centered on creating an environment that is comfortable and enjoyable to our participants and to reveal God’s love to them through the wonderful game of golf.  We make every effort to provide conditions that allow every team and every player the opportunity to be competitive.  Toward that end we have established seven levels of competition that allow every team to compete against teams of a similar skill level and age group.

Our focus of the fund raising aspect of the tournament has been twofold.  The tournament profits have provided the seed money for a lodge that now provides housing that will accommodate 40 additional campers while providing classroom space.  The tournament has, since 1984, provided discounts for a week of summer camp to the tournament’s youth volunteers.  This has availed itself as a significant aid for approximately 700 young people over the past 32 years.

Our focus for fund raising is moving away from providing operating funds and structures for our parent organization.  Since 2013 we have focused our efforts solely on establishing scholarships for our tournament’s youth volunteers to provide them with the cost of part or all of the cost of a week of summer camp at Cragmont Assembly.  This is an exciting for the tournament and has edified itself with an increased number of youth volunteers since 2013.